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Discover the secrets to success as a writer with Super G Author! Whether you're just starting out, or have been writing for years, Gina M. Oakley's writing programs and subscriptions have something for everyone. From free and paid subscriptions to coaching and editing services, Super G Author provides a full suite of resources to help you go from novice to master storyteller in no time. Join today and get access to exclusive content, writing tips, and sneak peeks of upcoming works written by Gina M. Oakley.

Once you've selected your subscription or program, you will have permissions to access here! 

  • Sneak Peeks

    New Books! New Products! New Projects, Stories, & Events!
    Free Plan
    • Glimpses into new books, new projects, and more!
  • Student Subscription

    Writing resources, support, and training to help your goals
    Free Plan
    • Writing Resources
    • Writing Guides
    • Writing Prompts
    • Editing Support
    • Publishing Help
    • and more
  • Harlan Hardships

    Every 2 months
    Short Stories Access
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