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Write the Story: 3 Ways to Know if you Should Write a Book

Wondering if you should write the book? I hear all the time, "I've always wanted to write a book!" Or, "I have started so many stories but never finished any of them."

So, how do you know if you are a "real" author? How will you know if finishing the story you've started is worth your time? It's really quite easy!

3 ways to know if you should write a book

3 Ways to know if you should write a book
Are you passionate about writing a book?

1. Passion for Storytelling

Do you find yourself wanting to do nothing but tell your story? If you find yourself thinking about creating a story, not necessarily the actual skill of writing, then it's worth your time.

I could stay locked away alone for days and spend almost the entire time writing. I love writing I love creating sentences, paragraphs, and choosing the perfect words to share a story. If you feel passion about your project, then it's where you should be. If others can't understand that, it's because they don't feel that same passion (another reassurance of your need to do it!).

Maybe you aren't great at writing or great with spelling, grammar, or structuring a story. That's okay. Editors and mentors exist for that very reason. The technicalities of it can be corrected and improved with time, help, and a little hard work. The actual story (or whatever it is you are writing) is the most important piece of the project. If you feel it so deep within you it hurts, then it's meant to be shared. Do it!

Here are 3 simple ways to know if you should write the book.

3 Ways to know if you should write a book
Are you afraid to write a book?

2. Fear of Failure

Do you have a fear of failing? If you care enough about your project that you fear sharing it with others, then it's something you should do. You should write the book.

You may feel other types of fear that only further support the notion that the project is worth pursuing:

  • Fear of negative feedback from others

  • Fear that others won't like your story

  • Fear that you are wasting time

  • Fear of the uncertainty of it all

Fear just shows that you truly care about something enough to worry about its success and acceptance. If you have a story to tell and you fear others won't accept or approve of it, you should go for it.

Know that you will never please everyone. Everyone who reads your work will not love your work, but that is just human nature. We are all different with different tastes, opinions, and experiences. If one person is emotionally affected in a memorable way by what you write, you are a success. If one person enjoys it, loves it, or even likes it enough to share or recommend it, you are a success. Most importantly, if you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment from finishing your project and sharing your story, it is a beaming success.

Don't let fear hold you back. You can find support, and you should know that if it is something you care so deeply for it will not fail.

3 Ways to know if you should write a book
Don't think, "I am not an Author"

3. I am not an Author

Have you ever thought, "I am not an author."? If those words have ever crept into your mind or left your mouth, please know that you are wrong. If you have a story to tell, even if you don't have published books or a degree in English, you are an author.

All you need is a story and the passion to tell it.

One of the best lessons I have learned from my current publisher is that doubting yourself as an author is something you have to move past. Before your book is published, before you are known by anyone, the moment you start the forward motion of sharing your story, you become an author.

You most certainly are an author if it lives in your heart and is something you desire and are willing to work hard toward. The moment you stop doubting yourself, you clear the path to complete your project.

So, I encourage you to dedicate time and take intentional steps to finish your project. Tell your story. You CAN do it! Go forth, and tell your tale!

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