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"Unlock your imagination and explore a world of stories with Super G Author!"

I'm Gina M. Oakley, a seasoned author, copywriter and speaker. Having been in the business for over a decade, I am passionate about writing and sharing my expertise and knowledge with others. My specialty is helping business owners create captivating copy that resonates with their target audience.

I have been published as Gina M. Mullis, and I have written for a variety of publications. I am also a sought-after speaker, delivering talks at conferences and workshops.

If you’re looking for a quality writer, speaker and author, look no further than Super G Author.

Welcome to Super G Author, Gina M. Oakley's Website! Formerly published as Gina M. Mullis, Gina offers a variety bookish fun, entertainment, and writing services! 

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about the author

Gina M. Oakley Super G Author

Gina (Mullis) Oakley has a long time passion for story telling through writing and for history. Having studied English and literature in college, she spent 11 years teaching the art of writing and instilling a passion for literature in students. She has a passion for history, which she often incorporates in her writing.


Her struggles following her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis at the age of thirty have fueled a fire and passion to inspire and help others through writing. You will often find characters working to overcome similar struggles in her works. 

Gina started writing in 2nd grade, and even wrote in her class journal that year that she wanted to become a reading teacher and an author so that she could help others learn the invaluable skill of reading and write books for them to enjoy. 

Her first novel, Friendenland, was published in 2013 as a means to inspire her students to read. Her second book was published in 2018 and is used as a tool when she is speaking and teaching success workshops (Find your Inner Super G). Her most recent (and favorite) project is the Seven Evils adult fiction book series. This suspenseful thriller was inspired by Gina's ancestors and is set in her family's still-existing primitive settlement in the Cumberland Mountains.


Learn more about her published works: 


In addition to writing for entertainment, Gina provides writing workshops to aspiring writers, editing services, and copywriting services.  

Learn more about services and programs offered: 

In The Press

In the Press

I read the book so fast then I read some parts a second time. I started imagining myself living in Friedenland. I really liked this book.

Anonymous Google Books Review


Find your Inner Super G is sure to inspire readers to overcome and succeed in changing the world! A great read for all. 

Henderson Reporter Times


People often say, “I think I have a book inside me,” but few follow through with the hard task of getting it down on paper. Gina Mullis had done that!

Ange Humphrey

Local Lifestyles on

Tri-State News 25


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