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Gina M. Oakley

Formerly Published as Gina M. Mullis

Seven Evils: Innocent Silence Dystopian Fiction Book (novel) Thriller/Suspense by Gina M. Mullis/Gina M. Oakley
Seven Evils

In a dystopian tyranny, a young woman finds herself in a dangerous position when the hated dictator takes special interest in her. Amia seizes the opportunity as means to find her forbidden voice, but quickly learns she isn’t so different from Itzhak and fights to both maintain his affection and advocate for the citizens of Sector Seven. It is a perilous journey when good teams with evil, and Amia learns quickly that it only takes one warrior finding her voice to make a world of difference.

Seven Evils: Innocent Silence is book one of three of Amia’s journey of courage.

Find Your Inner Super G
Find your Inner Super G nonfiction self-help book: How to overcome obstacles to find happiness and success -Book by Gina M. Mullis/Gina M. Oakley

Are you living in slow motion, experiencing a life-changing event, in a slump of sorts, or just ready to take life to the next level? Everyone experiences those moments and handles them differently. Find Your Inner Super G is an interactive program to help you get re-motivated, get inspired, get back on track in life. It is a simple and straight forward guide containing a variety of useful tools and tricks to help you find success and happiness in life. Find your inner leader, find your inner strength and drive, learn how to overcome hardships, and thrive!
Everyone has a superhero hiding inside dying to escape! Find your inner superhero and let that light shine! Its in you already, this program is here to help!

Friedenland is a young adult fantasy by Gina M. Mullis (Gina M. Oakley) Super G Author

Annaleise is a teenager struggling to find herself while suffering the loss of her mother who disappeared without a trace. After a meaningless attack from bully Sheila, Annaleise wakes from unconsciousness to find herself in a different world. This new world holds many secrets including what really happened to Annes mother. She encounters talking animals, gnomes and faeries, ferocious beasts, mythical creatures, and she bonds with new friends.


Interested in Reviewing Seven Evils: Innocent Silence? GREAT! Help Super G Author, Gina M. Oakley, give you the best reading experience possible by giving honest feedback! 

As Gina begins the proposal for book 3, she is reviewing all the reviews from book 1 to ensure she is giving the readers what they want... and some! 


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