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Seven Evils: Innocent Silence Book 1 of Seven Evils Series by Super G Author Gina M. Oakley (Gina M. Mullis) is a Thriller, suspense dystopian fiction novel
Seven Evils: Stained Soul Book 2 in the Seven Evils Series

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—Gina M. Mullis


P.S. - CLICK HERE to sample the Seven Evils Project.


sample interviews

  1. In 60 seconds, what is Seven Evils: Innocent Silence about?

  2. You took a number of risks within this book. Why young a dystopian fiction? 

  3. Tell us about the main character Amia. And why did you write the book from a female's perspective?

  4. In the book you explore the line or gray area between what makes a person good and bad. Is Seven Evils a type of metaphor or representation of anyone in particular? Is it a metaphor for where our world is headed or how it is changing?

  5. What's the cost for people to explore that line between good and evil?

  6. The book has a very unique and meaningful setting. Tell us more about where this story takes place and why.

  7. No author has ever blurred the lines between fiction and future with fact and history and written a book that integrates the two in such a way. First how did you do it? But then also why? 

  8. You refer to Seven Evils as more than a book, you consider it a project. Why is that? What else can people gain or expect from this story?

  9. Where do you see this book going? (Trilogy? Movie?)



Seven Evils is a near-future fiction thriller. Advance readers of all ages and demographics have loved it!  Click on the pic to see the trailer or read the description below:

It only takes one warrior finding her voice to make a world of difference...

Amia lives in a community constantly reminded to serve loyally, live silently. She finds herself in a dangerous positon when the hated dictator takes special interest in her. With seemingly no choice, she seizes the opportunity as means to find her forbidden voice, but quickly learns she isn’t so different from the harsh dictator and fights to both maintain his affection and advocate for the citizens of Sector Seven.

It is a perilous journey when good teams with evil, and Amia learns quickly that it only takes one warrior finding her voice to make a world of difference.

In this fast-paced empowering thriller, is a new light on the horizon for citizens of the Sector Seven tyranny, or will Amia crack under the pressure of saving her people?



Setting of Seven Evils Innocent Silence Fiction Novel by Super G Author Gina M. Oakley (Gina M. Mullis) *Taken at Hensley Settlement at Cumberland Gap National Park

Hensley Settlement
Present Day (2024)


Historical Fiction-Short Stories

Seven Evils (Fic Novel Series) is set in the Appalachian Mountains at Hensley Settlement. 

The Harlan Hardships short stories series follows the vast and intriguing lives of those living in this coal mining area in the early 1900s and explores the core of American Heritage. 

It wasn't easy times in the south, and their dark times still haunt those hills.

While the Seven Evils books are fiction, the project includes elements of fiction and fact, future and history

Set in the near-future in the Sector Seven 

Sector Seven is the site of historic Hensley Settlement [Brush Mountain/Appalachians]

Accompanying short stories are historical fiction based on people living in the Hensley area in the early 1900s.

Cabin at Hensley Settlement (Cumberland Gap National Park) setting of Seven Evils: Innocent Silence book by Super G Author Gina M. Mullis (Gina M. Oakley)

author bio

Author Bio

GINA M.OAKLEY is Super G Author. Her friends and family gifted her the nickname following her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis, and she has continued working hard to live up to it since.


“If I can make you laugh, cry, feel anything at all, the hours of hard work on my writing were well worth it. If I can inspire you to push past the blockade keeping you from reaching your goals and living your dreams, my own strength from struggle was worth it. If I can keep a piece of history alive to share for years and years, and if I can touch readers’ hearts and minds, it was all worth it. Those are the things I love. Those are the important things. Writing is merely an enjoyable vessel to drive them home”


Writing is one of Gina’s many passions, among those: family & friends, charity work & helping others, education & helping students find success, animals & conservation, fitness & health, and living life as an MS warrior.


Find her other works  by clicking HERE

Super G Author Gina M. Oakley (Gina M. Mullis) writes novels (fiction and non-fiction books and programs) and works as a copywriter
Media Exerience

Media experience

Super G Author Gina M. Oakley (Gina M. Mullis) Book signing
Super G Author Gina M. Oakley (Gina M. Mullis) on News 25 Local Lifestyles



I am honored by your interest for an interview. I have done many interviews for books/writing, for my small business, for the charity organizations I am involved in, and more. When I’m doing our interview it is the most important thing in the world to me. I’m committed to making you the hero and your audience the focus. I’m here to serve you, not the other way around. I know if I do my job well your audience will feel valued and interested in these topics:

- What it means to fight for what you know is right and overcome obstacles to gain success
- The cost of crossing the line between good and evil
- The importance and perseverance surrounding American Heritage
- And much more.

I’ve created this online media room to make your job easier. If you need anything else, please email me:

When I'm interviewed by media, I often point my audience back to our interview. This coverage includes the Super G Author Facebook Page , Super G Twitter , Super G Instagram , our Super G Youtube,  and my email list.

Some of my previous activities have included creating book trailers,  developing media kits, podcast tours, blog tours, virtual and physical launch parties, webinars, and radio/TV interviews, signing interviews, school visit interviews, and more.

I am excited to work together. Please don't hesitate to reach out for more information!

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