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Multiple Sclerosis 


Gina was diagnosed with MS at the end of 2014/beginning of 2015 after months of testing: bloodwork, MRIs, spinal tap, extended steroid infusion, and more. In early fall Gina woke one morning to severe numbness and pain in her hands and feet. She attended her 5 a.m. workout as normal, but knew something was wrong when she found it difficult to even stand. 

There is no definitive test to determine one has MS. Instead, Gina had to go through a series of tests to rule out other possible causes for her symptoms. After several months, her neurologist at the time, Dr. David Robertson, diagnosed her with MS. Gina has roughly 13 lesions on her brain and 3 on her spine. To better understand what MS is and what it means feels like, please visit the resources below. 

Since being diagnosed with MS Gina has grown even more determined to live a life full of purpose and success. She has founded and operated a small business that gave back over $65,000 to organizations and charities in the span of only 3 years. She has wrote and published 'Find your Inner Super G', she started a non-profit organization (Tri-State Soroptimist), and she returned to her career in education where she has worked as a teacher, school counselor, school administrator, and more. Gina's mission is to inspire others with MS or any life obstacles to keep pushing, keep creating, and to just keep going! 

ms awareness resources

National MS Society: What is MS? 

Video "What is MS": What is MS Video

2021 MS Walk with Team Super G
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