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Seven Evils Series

Innocent Silence & Stained Soul

Super G Author 5 Star Review of Seven Evils: Innocent Silence Book (Gina M. Mullis) (Gina M. Oakley)
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It only takes one warrior finding her voice to make a world of difference.

In a dystopian tyranny, a young woman finds herself in a dangerous position when the hated dictator takes special interest in her. Amia seizes the opportunity as means to find her forbidden voice, but quickly learns she isn’t so different from Itzhak and fights to both maintain his affection and advocate for the citizens of Sector Seven. It is a perilous journey when good teams with evil, and Amia learns quickly that it only takes one warrior finding her voice to make a world of difference.

Seven Evils: Innocent Silence is book one of three of Amia’s journey of courage.

Seven Evils: Innocent Silence by Gina M. Mullis (Gina M. Oakley) Super G Author is a Suspense, Thriller Dystopian Novel
Seven Evils Series Books 1 and 2
Super G Author Gina M. Oakley (Gina M. Mullis) aims to help readers feel. Readers will grow to love the characters as they go through life at Sector Seven with them.

Seven Evils: Characters

The characters of the Seven Evils Series are richly drawn and multi-faceted, each with their own unique quirks and attributes. From the sly and cunning antagonist, to the brave and noble hero, each character plays a vital role in the unfolding saga. Who will capture your heart? Who will keep you on the edge of your seat? Join us and discover your own favorites among these captivating characters.

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