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What Makes you Happy: Baseball is [Almost] Back!

Life can be so tough. For me, Multiple Sclerosis can bring me down (especially after baby), and having a small baby at home can also be...stressful. Each of us has "our thing" that we have to be careful not to let drag us down, not to get caught up in. To balance that "thing" we must each find activities that pull us back to happiness, back to our true selves.

One of my things is baseball! And it's almost back!

Take a moment and write down (or type, or whatever it is you do) something that makes you happy, brings you joy. Include how it makes you feel and the little details that make you smile and grow excited.

Share your moments here! I'd love to hear from you. As always, thank you for reading.

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Bethany Joy Lechlitner
Bethany Joy Lechlitner
Feb 16, 2023

My friendships and laughter are so encouraging to me!

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