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Happy, Needed Slap to the Face

I didn't know I needed it, but today an old friend (old as in known for 20+ years... not age old) gave me a motivational slap across the face that cheered me right up after a stressful day. In a casual conversation I said something like, "I'm tired of being overworked and underpaid in the education career. I just want to write books and create programs and be valued accordingly."

He then proceeded to remind me that I am in fact "doing it," making it, doing things others only ever dreamed of, and hustling to my goals (as is he). It's so easy to be caught in our own extreme goals, always wanting to push harder, reach higher. I was reminded today to also remember what has already been accomplished, and use that to fuel next steps.

Do you ever feel that way? Tell me about it!

...Thank you, Alex!

Gina M. Mullis


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