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Self-Care: 21 Days to Reset Good Habits

Day 7: Refresh, Reset

I didn’t have to work today, President’s Day, and I spent over five hours writing! It was amazing, but it also just reminded me of the fact that I am supposed to be doing that as my job but don’t get to. Sad reminder aside, I used the day to reset, fill my bucket-o-happiness some, and refresh my soul. To make the day even better, it was warm and sunny. YESSS! How great!

So listen, since I spent so much time on my book projects and writing business I should probably mention that there are some BIG surprises coming. The short stories are coming, the new Seven Evils book is coming, but there’s something else. You will be the first to see this, a small prize for reading my articles: We are releasing a 2nd edition of Seven Evils: Innocent Silence (book 1) with my new author name (Gina M. Oakley) AND with new extras and chapters! What?! YES! I’m excited. I’ve never had a 2nd edition published, and I know readers will love it!

I’m setting big goals for this year, but more on that later. First, I want to use this very short Day 7 blog to remind you to take time, stop what you are doing, and breathe. Do something to refresh your mood, restore your happiness, and reset yourself. If you’re like me you are busy and such a determined and motivated person that you feel the need to use every moment learning, growing, creating, and accomplishing. I admire that so much, but we have to remember to take a quick beat to refresh so we don’t burn out.

Tips for a Successful Reset:

  • Alone time with relaxing music (or whatever makes you feel calm)

  • Read a book (oh hey, or write one)

  • Write in a journal

  • Sit outside (I love sitting on the porch at night when things are quiet)

  • Sleep a little extra

  • Take a day off (if you can) but use it to do something that makes you happy

  • Go for a walk or workout

  • Go out to eat or to a movie.. To the zoo.. To a museum- go somewhere alone!

  • Put down the work. I love doing a great job. I hate not completing tasks, but what I’m learning more and more is that work is not the world. Your family, your own health and happiness, those are the things that matter. Push some of the work to tomorrow and enjoy today.

What is something that would help you get a well-deserved, refreshing reset?


Fruit Water

Add lemon, lime, or other fruit to your ice water. Not only does adding fruit (or even cucumber and/or mint) give your water extra nutritional value, it tastes great and is very refreshing. One of my favorites is raspberry, lemon, and mint.

Gina’s Teriyaki-ish Meal

I recently made a dinner that was extra delicious. It as light, healthy, but filling. Even Jhet liked it! He got to try the noodles. I’m not sure what I would call it, but it had a bit of a teriyaki chicken vibe but with healthier sauces and ingredients.

*Please note- I don’t generally add measurements for my meal ingredients because I don’t use a recipe. I usually just add things and taste as I go! If you aren’t great at cooking that way yet, try just adding a little bit of each thing. It’s easier to add more than it is to offset too much added.

*I made this once in a crock pot and once in a skillet/pot. It was pretty much the same either way. When I cooked it in the crockpot I pan-seared the chicken first.

  • Chicken (I like to use white/breast meat)

  • Asian noodles: Soba are great with lots of health benefits, Udon aren’t as low fat, but there are some brands that are better than others. Check labels.

  • Broccoli

  • Peppers: I used colorful sweet, but some jalapeno or other spicy would have been really yummy. Regular bell are good too.

  • Fresh chopped/diced ginger

  • Garlic powder (a tiny amount of fresh garlic is good in addition to the powder)

  • Onion would be good too or green onion- I didn’t have any

  • You may also consider adding: Carrots, water chestnuts, fresh green beans or snap peas

  • The sauce was a combination of:

  • Low sodium soy

  • Fresh ginger (small amount-this can be overpowering)

  • Garlic powder

  • A tiny bit of hot water

  • Red pepper flakes

  • Sesame sauce

  • Brown sugar (just a tad at first- adjust to however sweet you want it)

  • Black pepper (don’t add salt)

There are numerous other things you could add to this sauce. Play with your favorite flavors. I kept it simple with what I had in my cabinet.

I chopped the chicken into small squares and put that and some of the sauce in the crock pot. I waited until the chicken was almost all the way done before I added veggies. If you cook the noodles separate, don’t add them until ready to serve. If you are cooking them in the crock they don’t take long at all, so add them last and the rest of the sauce.

This was a delicious meal. Try it!


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