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sneak peek! Seven evils: stained soul

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Enjoy this sneak peek of Seven Evils book 2!
Seven Evils: Stained Soul Sneak Peek! Super G Author (Gina M. Oakley)

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sneak peek! seven evils: stained soul

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Enjoy! Sneak Peek! Seven Evils: Stained Soul

Sneak Peek of Seven Evils: Stained Soul
Sneak Peek of Seven Evils: Stained Soul by Super G Author

Enjoy this Sneak Peek!

Seven Evils: Stained Soul

Gina M. Oakley

Crumbling Nation Looking around there were only men much older than him. His ferocious dad was so resilient, so brave, and young Itzhak studied his every move knowing he needed to be that way too. Though in the moment he was slight and feeble. He was only slightly older than my sweet sister had been then, some years older than I was when the floods came, able to remember more than I could of times before.

The young leader-in-training moved about through his first day with the new, unscripted army, a last hope to restore a rapidly crumbling nation. He was too young for the violence he was thrust into with men old enough to be his father, too young to cause death. His first day proved he couldn’t yet handle the required physical rigor, and he cried into his own shirt out of view of everyone after he learned to shoot, knowing he would soon look into the eyes of his targets. The details had faded over the years, but he remembered enough of the feelings and still found some of the images burned into his memory. Itzhak described the moments as though he pulled from deep within to find them, dusting them off hesitantly as though it was the most painful thing he had ever done.

A grin broke across his lips only briefly when he told the part where he first saw Elam, a young boy his own age, and a deep breath left his mouth describing his relief to have someone to share the terrifying time. Hand on his back, comforting, I kept quiet allowing him to gaze away into his past. Those were the instances where a secret softness, a sort of humbleness spilled from him and I wished I could bottle it up to take and show his people. Otherwise they would never believe it. Hearing raw stories of his life and feeling his emotion and their meaning to him were among some of my favorite minutes with Itzhak. Later when I was alone, I would write down his memories knowing they would eventually disappear from the world, and I needed them to stay. Needed proof of that version of him for the world to know.

Chapter 1

Beep. Beep. Beep. Steadily and somehow comforting, the noise went on and on in my ears. I could almost feel the sounds more than I could hear them. A man’s voice from far away spoke inaudibly, no, a woman’s. I couldn’t decipher which it was and the decision was exhausting. The sounds faded away.

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