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To all the Creators

When I picture life and ultimate goals for myself, I imagine me writing books and magazine articles. I picture me maybe teaching college English or writing classes to help aspiring writers. I see myself speaking to students, or giving powerful talks to large and small groups about overcoming hardships to live the life you want. I am doing book signings, book talks, and helping young and old alike discover a love for literature in many different forms. I'm not famous. I don't need anyone to know what I look like just to feel empowered and inspired when they ready my words or hear them.

Being an artist and creator is hard work, isn't it? It's so difficult to make a living, a solid and reliable living from it. Creatives almost always have to work other jobs and use their passion as a side hustle. For some, that works better, but for many it pains them to want something so much that is just right out of reach. I coach high school students and adults on how to find careers that they can truly feel passionate about, but it's hard sometimes when I'm working with artists of different kinds. We have to get creative in finding ways to incorporate those skills and passions into jobs they are qualified for.

The main takeaway I hope for you is this: Keep working hard, keep enjoying what you're doing and don't let the other things you have to do ruin the love you have for that special skill or interest. Seek advice if you need to, ask for support and provide it when you can to others. But no matter what, never give up on that thing. Always make time for it, and keep your goals present in your mind and actions.

Your unique creations are important and need to be seen, heard, or felt. Don't give up. Keep changing and growing. Continue pouring yourself into it, but also continue taking from it to fill your cup. You are not alone, we are a community of imaginative thinkers.

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02 mars 2022

I think you are an amazing woman, who will someday find the cure for MS! You are extremely bright and the sky is the limit! With your knowledge and your determination you can do it Gina! God Bless You for all you do!

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