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Self-Care: 21 Days to Reset Good Habits

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Day 21: That's a Wrap!

Listen, I skipped a few days here at the end, but here’s why: I could have written on days 18-20, but I found myself resting in a poor mood and decided against spreading that through writing. Instead, I’ve included all the positives from my “last days” in this final wrap up that is Day 21. This is, after all, a motivation blog series.

I promised a lot in this article, so I shall deliver! 44 blog series pages later, and we are saying farewell to this 21 day reset, which was very successful in ways and an ongoing process in others.

In this article:

  • 21 Day Reset Conclusion and Reflection

  • First to see! Book Review: Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

  • FREE Sneak Peek! Harlan Hardships: Short Stories of the real people who inspired Seven Evils

  • FIRST TIME INSIDER LOOK! Seven Evils: Stained Soul

  • 2nd Edition ALERT! Seven Evils: Innocent Silence

It was never meant to be a fitness and health thing, but as those are two very important pieces of who I am they were naturally involved. If you’ve never given it a tray- try clean eating. You will feel so great, energetic, and just generally healthier.

What is eating clean?

According to the Mayo Clinic, “ refers to eating foods that are as close as possible to their natural state.” (Find the full article HERE ). So, when you’re making that grocery list, try adding things that are in the fresh and refrigerator sections. Avoid things that are boxed, bagged, or frozen. When in doubt, check labels. If the first ingredients are chemicals or random things you don’t recognize, it probably isn’t a great product to ingest.

The next biggest piece of advice is to drink water…WATER! WATER! WATER! Seriously, you will feel SO GREAT if you drink the amount of water you’re supposed to. If you don’t drink any (how the heck do you make it through the day without feeling like a slug?), try adding in more and more little by little into each day. You can search the recommended amount for your age, gender, and weight/activity. Typically, adults will need to drink between 85 and 120 ounces per day. Do it. You will LOVE IT!

On my reset I was trying to get back to a routine I love. Unfortunately, I haven’t quite gotten there yet. I have such little time to do the things I love, but it is my goal to find the time or help and support to allow me to do that. I haven’t found much joy in my day job this year either, so that’s a bummer, but alas-I continue working hard and contributing great things to the place and its people. I knew going into this those were large goals that would take time. So, it’s okay.

How can you help? Hey- Spread the word about my author works, purchase extra books to share, hand out bookmarks- You are appreciated!

You can find discounted books HERE

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  • And more!

So here it is- I did see some positive growth in my 21 days. I’m back to my normal health meal-prepping and eating, and I love that! I’ve been working out more, which if you know me at all, you know is so important to me. I love working out-LOVE IT!

In the end, my results were proof of how little changes can make big differences:

  • 34 inches down

  • Body fat down 4.5%

  • BMI back down to normal

Book Review

Book Review: Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

It took me longer than usual to read this book for the mere fact that I have an extremely busy life day and night. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, though, and found myself staying up late at night to enjoy it by book light, getting in some much needed alone reading time. So, here it is:

I especially love books that are brutally honest in such a way that it makes the reader react societally, meaning they gasp, or cringe, or judge at first. Then, the reader realizes she can actually relate, but since whatever it is isn’t a widespread accepted thing she forgot momentarily. Then, realizing she is in the comfort of her own head, alone with the book’s characters, she allows herself to exhale with relief that she is not alone.

This book does that- it’s refreshing.

Another feature of this story I loved was the range of emotion it evokes. You will find yourself chuckling, feeling sorry for characters, feeling angry, and wanting to run to the characters to embrace them in a comforting hug.

Read it. You will enjoy it!

And if you like this book, you will like Seven Evils, which shares many of the same type of humanistic characteristics! LEARN MORE HERE

Harlan Hardships: Short Stories


So, you’ve read Seven Evils: Innocent Silence (If you haven’t, shame on you-just kidding, but read it), and you know that the setting is a super cool, primitive community at the peak of a mountain in the Appalachian Mountains. That settlement is a real place, Hensley Settlement.

My ancestors built and occupied it over one hundred years ago.

Not far from the mountaintop gem, you will find the old stomping grounds of more of my ancestors and some of the friends and family of those who occupied Hensley Settlement.

The area of Harlan County, KY is known for coal-mining. You would have found my great grandpa in the Black Star coal mines. Pathfork, KY is where my grandma’s family lived. It was a hard life, by the sound of it, but boy do I love hearing the stories!

It is important for me to share these stories in connection with Seven Evils because understanding what living at the settlement would be like in modern day holds even more impact if you understand what it was like back then.

Harlan Hardships is a series of short stories featuring characters and stories based on family and friends of my great grandparents, Anna and Arthur Howard, and of those who lived at Hensley Settlement.

*These stories are historic fiction, meaning they are very closely based on actual stories and lives of real people but contain elements of assumption and fiction to complete them.

Harlan Hardships will be available via slow release subscription.

Please enjoy this sneak peak of Story One.

*Click the button, then create your free account. Add the FREE Sneak Peaks program subscription

Seven Evils: Stained Soul

You guys…

You’ve been waiting, longer than planned (you and me both!). Life happens, and my publishing deadline for Seven Evils book 2 was pushed back an entire year because of the birth of little Mr. Jhet Maverick, a good excuse, I’d say. I am happy to announce the time is almost here.

You can expect Seven Evils: Stained Soul (Book 2 of the series):

For your patience and ongoing support, I am sharing with you a SNEAK PEEK! Enjoy!

*Click Image: create free member account, add Sneak Peek FREE subscription, and ENJOY!

2nd Edition- Seven Evils: Innocent Silence

In addition to the release of Book 2 in the Seven Evils series, you will soon find the 2nd Edition of book 1, Seven Evils: Innocent Silence, on shelves (and online)! Not only will the 2nd edition flaunt my new name, Gina M. Oakley (Holllla!), it will also include additional extras, including:

  • Alternate ending (Say whaaaaat?!)

  • The entire first chapter of Book 2

  • Merchandise coupon codes

  • And more!

Thank you for coming along for my journey. I hope you find great success in your own!

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