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Self-Care: 21 Days to Reset Good Habits


Literally, I had two consecutive “free” days off from work, and it was so magical. SO MAGICAL. All I ever want to do is wake up every day and write books, work on program creation, create copy (copywriting= graphic design, ad design, promotional flyers, etc), and do public speaking and writing events. #dreamlife

I’m really good at those things too. By the way, thank you to my readers (friends and strangers) who have shown they love my work. Anyway, that additional day off was well-used and refreshing.

Side note: I’ve had a few people recently (and randomly) say things to me like, “Oh, did you like publish your own book on Amazon or something?” or “Oh did you write a children’s book for yourself or what?”... I’d like to address some communication etiquette with this.

First, No. I am an actual published author.. Like.. with a publisher, editing team, marketing team.. The whole thing. Maybe it’s hard for some to believe, but I’m an actual REAL author, and I’m really good at it to.

Second, don’t say things like that to people. It’s rude. It makes you seem ignorant and condescending. Maybe it was just difficult for you to imagine actually knowing a real author. Or maybe it is hard to believe I’m an author because I’m a real and “normal” person with a family and a non-writing full time job. So, for those reasons, you are forgiven. I’m not without grace, after all. Don’t let it happen again. #Themoreyouknow

PEOPLE & IMPACT (New People and Familiar Faces)

One thing I miss most about owning my store (did you know I used to own a business?) is the great networking and connections I made. It was, by the way, such an amazing and successful store that gave back (big time) to great causes. I had to close because life happened.

I digress…Being tied to a 9-5, and having MS that causes me to feel crushing fatigue and brain fog by the end of the work day makes it so hard to do events in the evenings. I don’t get to do those types of events much anymore, and I miss meeting the wonderful people who visited my store.

Recently, I became involved with our Evansville F.O.P Lodge (Fraternal Order of Police) as an auxiliary member (which is composed of family members of officers). It feels good to be able to organize and plan events, meet new people, and do some of those things I enjoy so much. Anytime I can lend my experiences and expertise with nonprofits, event planning, promotions/marketing, and fundraising is an easy “Yes!” for me.

Having lived in my city for roughly 15 years, I’ve noticed changes in the city, specifically in the city’s law and order. I see it happening all over the country, but with a front row view it’s extra noticeable in my own home city. I constantly find myself shaking my head at the actions of thoughtless, selfish, criminals. I also find myself praying extra hard that my husband, a veteran officer, makes it home each day. I wish our city had better leadership, people who appreciate and understand that our police department should be their number one ally. Leaders who understand that without law and order, without appreciated men and women in blue, their city will fall apart (like ours is).

Our city has a mayoral race approaching, and I am excited for one of the candidates who not only shows an understanding of the importance of law and order, but actually has a plan in place to take action for positive growth with restoring it in our city. She has numerous other action steps in place too as part of her campaign, but I especially appreciate this one. That candidate is Cheryl Musgrave. Having taken time to understand each candidate's platforms, she is leaps and bounds ahead of the others when it comes to experience and preparedness to successfully lead a city.

Surrounding myself with new friends I’ve met through the F.O.P. reminds me that not all citizens are bad, and that there are wonderful heroes out there still working to keep us safe even with crime rising uncontrollably. Meeting powerful influencers like Cheryl reminds me that there are still people who understand truly important issues.

By the way, don’t forget to thank an officer when you see one next. Even if you’re a jerk, a criminal, a stranger, they are out there everyday protecting you. They will work to save your life, even if you spouted out your hate for them just yesterday. Say thank you.


This is a reminder to always work to improve yourself. Go out and volunteer, learn a new skill, or just do something that makes you a better person. In today’s world it’s so easy to take a free class or learn a new skill. It’s even easy to start a new side hustle. I’m dropping some suggestions of things to try below!

Check out these great sites for FREE classes

Coursea (CLICK HERE to access)

  • FREE courses

  • Available as a phone app

  • Work at your own pace

EdX (CLICK HERE to access)

  • FREE courses

  • Available as a phone app

  • Work as your own pace

DuoLingo (CLICK HERE to access)

  • Learn just about any language for free

  • Learn new languages through fun games and practice

I also want to challenge you to volunteer sometime in the month of March for a charity


This is a recipe I make all the time. It’s a great snack or can be used with meals too. Plus, it’s easy!

PB Granola Bars

  • Dry oats (use whatever kind you like- quick oats are great)

  • Peanut butter of your choice (I use a lot.. I love PB)

  • Honey

  • Chocolate chips (I use dark or semi-sweet)

  • A drip of water (to soften things up)

  • Cinnamon

  • Dates (I chop them finely)

Mix it all together, and add whatever else you want. I put mine in a square pan and then put them in the refrigerator.

Hint: Melt some chocolate chips and drizzle it on top. It will harden in the refrigerator and make it easier for the bars to stay together.


The next article or two will include…

  • Seven Evils: Stained Soul (book 2) SNEAK PEEKS!

  • Harlan Hardships short stories that inspired Sector Seven (Seven Evils) SNEAK PEEKS

  • Workout tips

  • Health and Wellness check and tips

Be sure to also check out new book(ish) merch and MS Awareness merchandise HERE

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