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Self-Care: 21 Days to Reset Good Habits

Days 15 & 16: Hero Down

Days 15 and 16 were tough. Two Indiana officers lost their lives while on duty, one of them local to me. It was the fist time I’ve experienced this so close to home

I have so much admiration for first responders, but man it’s hard being married to one. Every day, you watch the person you love most walk out the door to go to work, and you literally have to tell yourself that it could be the last time you see him. So, you remember everything about him, his smile, his eyes, the way he hugs you and kisses you goodbye, the way he loves his kids (and you) so much. It’s so hard. Both these men had wives and kids at home, who will never get to watch them walk out the door again.

I’m not afraid to call out those officer haters, to shame them for their lack of gratitude for strangers keeping them safe regardless of their negative (and, frankly, bratty and selfish) attitudes toward them, but this isn’t the time for that. Nor is it the time to remind the world that we are letting criminals take over and live unafraid of consequences for their actions, while we criticize the very people working to maintain law and order. No, it’s not the time for those reminders, it’s time to remember these two men.

Anyone with an ounce of heart or good in them will take a moment to put these officers at the forefront of their minds, to thank them for their sacrifices. I am thankful to them, and thinking of them and their families. I am also thinking of the hundreds of officers out there going to work to keep communities safe.

You are brave, you are so appreciated by the best of us, and you are always in my thoughts.

As a volunteer with our local Fraternal Order of Police Club Auxiliary, I helped with a small portion of Deputy Hacker’s services. I helped prepare and pin carnations on attending officers’ uniforms, and I made sure to thank each and every one of them. The day was emotionally overwhelming. To see so many brave men and women hurting for their fallen brother, and to see so many spouses and families hurting and scared too. I couldn’t help but think, “This could be for my officer.”

When you see an officer out in the community, just thank them. A simple, “thank you” means so much. So much more goes into protecting the world than you can understand if you aren’t part of the LEO family. What you see on the news, on T.V. shows, it’s not accurate. Be kind, be grateful, and be respectful to these heroes.

Because last week was so heavy, so sad, I won’t add any other updates or information in this article. Our officers can have this one.

Take care, staff safe, and working toward those goals!

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