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Self-Care: 21 Days to Reset Good Habits

Days 12, 13, & 14: Celebration, MS Month Facts, & Goals

I’m doing three days in one because it was a very special weekend, and I just can’t possibly split it up. It’s MS Awareness month (check out the last article to learn more about Multiple Sclerosis HERE).

First, share what positive changes or progress you’ve made in your 21 Day Reboot! I can’t wait to hear!


I want to know your answers to “The time-old” question, what makes a marriage (or relationship) work? I am lucky enough to be in an incredibly solid relationship where, even at five years, it feels like the giddy beginning, and better. So, I’ll share with you what I know.

When it comes down to it, you really do “know when it happens.” The problem is that sometimes it takes experiencing what you know is not “it” first so that you recognize when the right thing comes along.

Here’s what I know:

  • It starts with chemistry- if you don’t feel that magnetic connection with the person, it probably isn’t right. I mean like, powerful, passionate, your heart aches at the thought of losing them, giddy, magnetic connection.

  • Listening to each other is vital. You don’t only both listen to each other, you remember details to use later to make the other person happy.

  • Be considerate: You should want to make the other person know they are thought of as often as possible. You should tell and show the other person they are important to you every day.

  • Have a sense of humor- laugh together, be light-hearted together, have fun

  • Show grace, and support each other constantly

  • Prioritize each other (even over your kids sometimes!) There’s something special about feeling like “it’s just us two”

  • It feels good to be appreciated, wanted, cared for- be sure to show and tell it whether you are alone with your person, with your friends, everywhere!

We celebrated our wedding anniversary this weekend. It was a great weekend away. We enjoyed Cincinnati’s Bockfest in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. You can learn about this annual event HERE. Cincinnati is a great city to visit, by the way. It’s my home away from home, and I recommend you visit!

I have some great Air BnB and VRBO recommendations for Cincinnati too! Just reach out HERE

MS FACT (Multiple Sclerosis)

Take a look at the image. It shows a simplified version of what is happening inside the body of someone living with MS.

(Image source HERE)

I told you already that MS symptoms are different for every person suffering from MS. I like this image because it shows some of the most popular issues a person with MS may experience in a very simplified way. Any boy function controlled by the Central Nervous System can be affected by MS.

My most regular symptoms include:

  • Numbness and pain in my hands and feet

  • Brain fog

  • Sudden crushing fatigue

  • Cognitive confusion (Imagine how frustrating it is when I can’t think of simple words… and I’m a writer)

  • Tremors (shakiness and inability to grip or hold on to items without dropping or knocking them over)

  • Muscle weakness (this is super frustrating for me…. I’m a fitness fanatic and am strong..sigh)

  • “MS HUG”...chest tightness/difficulty breathing (imagine a belt tightening around your chest. It’s painful and makes it hard to breathe.

Some people with MS experience vision or hearing difficulty or loss, and some have to use a cane, walker, or wheelchair because of their MS.

Do you know someone living with Multiple Sclerosis? What are their biggest struggles? What are their best strengths?


Our MS Awareness walk is coming up. This year’s walk is virtual, so you can “Walk Where you Are!”. Learn more, register for free, and check out our team merchandise HERE.

Don’t forget to click SHARE on the registration page to share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkdIN-Social media!


To be clear, I am not on a diet. I live a very healthy lifestyle. Health, fitness, coaching, and athletics has always been a huge part of my life. This 21 day “Back to Good Habits” was just that, a way to get back into my routine. Just by adjusting my attitude, getting back to my clean eating habits, working out and getting active as much as I can, and dumping crummy habits,

I have seen great results in just 14 days. “What kind of results?” you may ask…

These results:

  • Let’s irritability and “down in the dumps” moods

  • More energy (even with unstable sleep because of the adorable baby)

  • Healthier skin, hair, nails

  • Leaner muscles and improved strength

  • Down a total of 28.5 inches (comprehensive of all measurements, with 10 of those inches being waist ones)

  • Overall better quality of life

If you are starting your journey, whether for a healthier you or a happier you, I will always suggest starting with THREE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS:

  • Spark (Learn more HERE)

  • A reset (Learn more HERE)

  • Clean eating and Lots of water!

Whatever your goals, keep at them! You CAN do it. It’s not a race, and it isn’t a competition with anyone but yourself.

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